Celebrating Female Lacrosse Coaches on International Women's Day March 8, 2020

Female Coaches Meeting in Ottawa Heralds a New Direction to Increasing Representation in Sport

Taryn Larson, Hannah Leaf and Darcy Ratt (Lacrosse Coaches for NAIG 2020)

In recognition of International Women’s Day (March 8th), Canadian Lacrosse Association hosted the first ever female coaches event beginning March 6th for 13 lacrosse coaches.

Organizing a conference that encompasses multicultural, talented and accomplished female coaches provides direction and leadership to create the content needed to help women strategize their momentum to competitive coaching roles.

A conference by women for women supports the concept of mentorship needed. Female coaches were able to share their passion and reasons for coaching, as well as offer advice, and wisdom to and for the aspiring female coach.

Of particular importance, Female Lacrosse Coaches for the U19 Female Box Lacrosse Teams competing at the North American Indigenous Games 2020 set for Halifax in July 12-18, 2020 were also in attendance. Taryn Larson (Team Saskatchewan), Hannah Leaf (Team Ontario), Darcy Ratt (Team Saskatchewan), Emily Auchstaetter (Team Saskatchewan) and Storm Lacrosse Member, Annakah Ratt (Team Saskatchewan) showcased how beneficial these types of events can be to supporting competitive development especially with Canada Games 2021 including lacrosse for the first time (U16).

Representation is lacking in coach offerings. That was not the case this weekend. The sports that have been mainly dominated by male coaches over the years is seeing a subtle shift. And in Ottawa, it was evident that women are beginning to take the opportunity to represent their respective sports, and meet new ideas, discuss current ideas and deliver ideas that are important to them in their roles of shaping the athletes in their sports.

Participating in a professional event such as the one with support from the Canadian Lacrosse Association with participation from facilitators from Rugby and Hockey is key to building strong coaches and increasing the numbers of active coaches across a platform of sports thereby increasing the competitiveness and regional representation.

Championing female coaches and celebrating their successes and accomplishments is a pioneering a new change on gender diversity. It is an action we support.

We know that low representation of women in competitive coaching positions does not support sustainability of sports. Nurturing women in their coaching roles is a successful example of building diversity, retaining, and increasing numbers. The end result will ensure women achieve their full potential and contribute to their success.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we acknowledge and support the heralding of a new day in coaching and support the actions taken for and by women to encourage and build up the volunteers whose participation ensure females have active role models to look up to.